BLOG: The Exceptional Joy of Launching a Podcast

I am an avid listener of Podcasts such as Diary of a CEO and Happy Place, I love listening to the interviews on a range of interesting and inspiring subjects. I would say I obsessively listen as soon as they are launched.

So I have always wanted to start my own podcast on Mental Health which is a subject very dear to my heart. As a radio presenter on Marlow FM , I cover all things mental health and a range of subjects around it.

I wanted to launch my podcast in a similar vain, having amazing, inspiring, exceptional guests who have story to share.

So I started a session with the very lovely Phoebe Winter who is an expert on all things Podcast. First session was very productive. Afterwards I wrote my about podcast section for Spotify/Apple and my outdo and intro and my trailer. I registered for an account on Lypsyn and created accounts on rev.com and Wavv to transcribe the podcasts and from which I create notes.

I plan to launch on 22nd March. Which should happen and we are diligently working towards I have emailed a lovely guy called Simon to create an Intro and Outro for the Podcast too.

So we are all systems go, I have my next session booked with Phoebe Winter and we start to talk about the editing of the audio with the Adobe Creative Tools.

I am very proud to have recorded my first Podcast with an exceptional man called Bhishra whoo runs a company called ‘Rap Therapy’ - His company goes into schools mainly and works with kids to write and perform rap as a form of therapy.

On the 22nd March - Launch Day I intend to launch 3 Podcast episodes

They will be with;

James Ski - Sales Confidence
Sue Baker -  MBE who is a Global Mental Health Consultant
Bhishra - Rap Therapy

Launching a Podcast and the work around it is giving me such joy, over the coming months I intend to have some exceptional guests on the show, who will both inspire and delight the audience in equal measure.

So watch this space - Exceptional Beginnings Podcast is on its way.

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