Caron Kipping - Caron Kipping Coaching

Katie helped me recently when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my business. Having never run a business before, I sometimes find the business-side of things all a bit daunting and Katie is amazing at calming me down, offering reassurance, helping me get some clarity and always manages to help me find a way forwards. Katie understands my business, my goals and me as a person and I always leave a meeting with her feeling invigorated, focused and much more confident. Katie keeps things simple and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs support and guidance with their business.

Caron Kipping, Divorce & Separation Coach

Helen Bantock – Frowen Fields

I’ve worked with Katie Wilson, she was kind enough to run some Live sessions in our Ladies Networking Group- which supports women in and not in business. She gave her time and knowledge to assist women to organise their time, build confidence and explained how she overcome some hurdles when she started out. Katie is a real inspirational leader in her field, and a supportive friend also, I love the fact she is a MIND Ambassador and is open about her mental health- as am I. Thank you!

Helen Bantock – Owner

Jenny - Hevenly Hands

Katie has been monumental in helping me boost my massage business, her knowledge and expertise has taught me `who is my ideal client` and `how to attract my ideal client`. I now use tools that I never knew existed i.e. Canva, which is also free! With Katie’s help we did a Black Friday promotion and the after effects from that has given me a handful of regular clients. The real icing on the cake too is that Katie is a lovely and great to work with, she is so motivated and full of ideas. I know Katie really wants my business to work as much as I do.

Jennie Cox – Heavenly Hands

Frankie Davies

Where do I start, Katie can only be described as outstanding. I have met this wonderful lady only once, and even before coaching me, she got me. She would drop into my inbox just at the right time, sending positive vibes, love and kindness when I needed it the most, she’s psychic I swear! I started a six-week course of coaching this week, more for personal goals than business as I am currently a full-time student, but what I have gained in just one hour and the shift in my mindset has been unbelievable, I cannot quite get my head around how much she has inspired me. Katie is such a down to earth and relatable woman that talking openly, honestly and without judgment just came so easy, like I said I feel like I have known Katie for years, that in my mind says a great deal about this exceptional lady! - I would highly recommend Katie for coaching in all areas she’s just fab. Really looking forward to next weeks session.

Frankie Davies